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Chinese mini van auto trans conversion project


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Welcome to the best place for transmission adapters available. Our transmissions powered the MSRA Street Rods of the Year in 1999 and in 2000! (We were runner-up in 2001) Two of these cars were in Blackies invitational show & one was the NSRA midwest pick! We have built and worked on many more noteworthy rods since then.




1931 Model A with Seagrave V12

1931 Model A coup with rebuilt 1941 Seagrave V12 adapted to a 700R4 trans. 4 inch Chop, filled roof, suicide doors, sectioned rear, 100 louvers in deck lid, 4 inch drop chromed front axle, electric power steering, electronic ignition, 1950 Dodge instrument panel, Custom copper radiator, power brakes from big finned Buick, 1937 Pontiac headlights, complete custom frame, 12 gallon stainless gas tank in rear, hidden LED tail lights, new rubber. Very reliable, can drive anywhere. This hot rod has been on the cover of Ol Skool Rodz and in 6 different rod magazines. A real attention getter where ever you go. Easy steering and smooth driving. $26,000 takes it. No offers. You can see a lot more about the building of this car in the link on the left that says "Chassis, custom headers, fabrication services & project pictures".


WARNING!  Scam alert.

Don't do business with a place called "Cadillac King", "Cadillac Kingdom", or "Cadillac King Parts"

They are well known (Check the internet) for running credit cards and never even having the parts.

They WILL NOT give you a refund after months of trying.


Short 700R4  Short 700R4 other side   Short 700R4 ext hsg We are now building a 27 inch long 700R4 trans. Call us.

27 inch long 700R4 transmission!



Check out the polishing on this Shelby aluminum block engine using our FE to AOD adapter kit! Nice job!



This adapter can be used on the FE or Y-Block engines. It has a dual bolt pattern machined on it.

You can use any small block Ford trans or Modular motor trans. The 223 Ford 6 cyl kit is similar. Scroll down for info.



 This '55 Chev owned by Gary Kollofski won Best of Show at the Car Craft Summer Nationals.

This car was built in our shop by Dale Pelvit. 730 cubic inch, all aluminum 12 cylinder Hemi, built in Italy.

Suicide doors using all stock Chev door hardware, flip front, flip hood, 4L80E built by us along with the trans adapter.

3 650 Holley carbs, Distributorless ignition, much more.

You can see this car on Holleys website or in the upcoming Car Craft magazine.



Long rollback with barn find This is Bob picking up a "barn-find" in northern Minnesota with our long rollback truck (8/14/2014)




New products are out!

Check out the brand new adapter kits!  Call for more info. Pictures to come later.

 (1) 1955 and 1956 Packard V8 to Chev automatic transmission. This kit comes with crossmember.

(2) 302 / 351 Ford engine to early Ford flathead trans adapter kit small block engine to early Ford flathead transmission.

 Ford 302 bellhousing

(3) LS style Chev engine to the 5 speed automatic transmission used behind the 2005 and newer Dodge Hemi engine.

(4)  Ford 2300 4 cylinder to Chev automatic trans.

Ford 2300 to Chev kit

(5) 6 cylinder inline gas engine used in the Chevy Envoy and 5 cylinder gas engine used in the Colorado to the old style Chev V8 automatic transmission.

(6) 429 Cadillac engine to the Chev V8 style automatic transmission.

429 Cadillac

(7) Crossmember's and rear motor mounts to help with putting our Y-block to AOD trans adapter into 1954 thru 1964 Ford pickup trucks.

 '54 to '64 Ford truck mounts

 (8) Ford 223 straight 6 cylinder engines to the Ford AOD trans.

 223 Ford 6 cyl kit

(9) The Mercedes diesel adapter kit to common Chev V8 auto and manual trans & to Ford small block trans. This kit also fits some of the newer Mercedes 5 cylinder diesel engines! (Sprinter engine?)

 Mercedes 6 cylinder kit

(10) The Ford FE & Y-block adapter kit kits will now accept the Ford auto and manual transmissions from Ford Modular motors. This opens the door for the use of many newer manual transmissions from Mustangs!

FE to AOD adapter kit 

(11) The Ford modular engine to Chev automatic trans kit fits the Ford 4.6 / 5.4 / V10 engines and adapts the Chev automatic trans to them.  We make 3 different kits for the modular engine. One connects the Chev LS style transmission to the modular engine, another connects the common Chev auto trans like the 350, 400, 700, etc to these engines.

The third kit connects the Mercedes auto trans from the Dodge Hemi to these engines.

Ford modular adapter kit

(12)  New Dodge Hemi to Chev adapter kit fits the new Dodge hemi engines to Chev automatic transmissions.

Dodge Hemi to Chev auto trans adapter kit

13) Dodge V10 to Chev 4L80E auto trans

Fits the truck V10 engine.

(14) BMW V12 (M70 engine) to Chev automatic trans or to Chev manual trans



 Cool video of the 1936 Chevrolet assembly line. They were automated even then. Just don't get your hands or feet in the way of the machines!




Bonneville world record holder 1952 Buick ran a 147 best pass using a 320 straight 8 with our adapter kit & a 4 speed trans.        



Do you own a EELCO Buick nailhead adapter kit?

Tired of breaking flexplates?

Due to the large numbers of calls we have received,

we now fix EELCO Buick nailhead adapter plates.

$295.00 to put dowel pins into these plates, and correctly locate the other holes. New flexplate included.



Link to pics of the funnest car show I've ever been to!


Seagrave & LaFrance V12

engine adapters


Seagrave V12 with 700R4 trans in Model A 

 Watch video from Hunnert car pile-up. Look in "My rides" for more pictures.




Click on the following link to see one of our GMC V12 adapter kits in a'32 Ford coupe built by Rodbods downunder in Australia.




Early Old's steel flywheels are done.  $445.00

303 /324 /371 /394 Balanced.

 Also for '49 to '53 Cadillac 331


Ford 4.0 liter engine to Chev automatic trans 


 GM 3800 series V6 to common Chev V8 style rear wheel drive trans

 This adapter will also fit many other front wheel drive GM engines Cadillac 4.1/4.5/4.9 and the GM 3.1/3.4 etc.


GM Ecotec engine to rear-wheel drive Chev transmissions!!


Mercedes 5 cylinder diesel to Chev 700R4


Hudson 308 to Chev automatic transmission


Packard straight 8 to Chev auto trans




                           COOL, CUSTOM CARS BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP-CALL US 763 767 4480



         We are selling some of the motors that are shown on this website!

                                                  check out  "Good Used Stuff "




Adapts to GM 4 and 5 Speed Transmissions


                 364/401/425                               303/324/371/394

     Buick Nailhead Bell Housing               Oldsmobile Bell Housing

       Ready to Ship  $345.00                                    Ready to Ship $345.00


                  Click Picture above to View The New                                                     Click Picture above to View the New

               364/401/425 Buick Nailhead Bell Housing Kit                                303/324/371/394 Oldsmobile Bell Housing Kit


354 Hemi w/Northstar Cadillac fuel injection, Distributorless ignition, & turbocharger



***Check out our new Model 'A' and 'B' adapter kit***





We have the following transmission adapters available:


Click on your motor for more info.


Buick Nailhead 53-66


Buick Straight-Eight


Cadillac  Early V-8    Northstar


Ford Flathead


Ford Y-Block


Ford FE


Ford 4.0 liter V6 to Chev automatic trans


Ford 429/460


Ford 5 bolt 289


GMC V6 & V12




Lincoln/Edsel/Merc 383/410/430




Pontiac  Straight-Eight and V8


Late Model B.P.O.C.




216/235/261 Chev straight 6


Other adapters available. Give us a call!


  • Now available....

1947 - 1962 Kaiser-Frazer/Willys/Continental 226 CI

    to Chevy transmission



Bendtsen’s Speed Gems Inc.  763 767 4480

13603 Johnson St NE,  Ham Lake, MN. 55304




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